Sankeys Ltd Bullwell Terracotta pot

Sankeys Bullwell Terracotta pot

Sankey’s Brickworks, Bulwell, was on land near the Northern Cemetery, just off the present day Sellers Wood Drive, which was originally the route of British Railway’s Midland Line. The company was formed in 1885 and was well known for making clay flower pots as well as bricks, which the later ceased production around 1940. Clay pots continued until 1976, when they made them of plastic . The company became part of Fiskars in 1999 – DS

  • Richard Sankey, founder in 1855 of world’s largest producer of plant pots, Sankey’s. Bulwell Hall is locally still nicknamed “Chinatown” because of the Sankeys’ manufacturing output: whenever local buildings were being excavated, lots of earthenware pots were discovered. The locals thought they were china clay ware.

Found at Eshott, Northumbria by BW

Sankeys Bullerwell Terraccotta pot

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