Redford Fire Brick Work, Redford Colliery, Slamannan

Canmore – Alternative Name(s) Afton Brick Co Ltd; Avon Brickworks; Redford Fireclay Works; Candiehead, Brickworks

Avonbridge Brick Works, Falkirk The Avonbridge Brick Works in Avonbridge, Falkirk were established about 1952 by Afton Brick Co Ltd. They were operated for a time by the Caledonian Peat Co Ltd, and latterly by the London & Northern Group. The works were closed on 9 September 1977. They used a  continuous kiln, which was fan-assisted. The tapering chimney measured 4m across at ground level and is 23.5m high. The kiln is a 28-chambered, brick-built and barrel-arched Hoffmann, one of the most popular types in Scotland. Conveyors were used to transport raw material around the site and the crusher used in the works was a Mitchell. The works made building bricks marked ‘Avonbridge’, ‘A B L’ or ‘AFTON.

Below – 14/12/1860 – Glasgow Herald – Coal and minerals including several seams of clay to be let on the Estate of Redford.

29/04/1876 – Falkirk Herald –  This appeared advertising the let of the Redford Fire Brickworks attached to Redford Colliery. Apply to Richard Grant at the Colliery  and offers will be received by Jas Cadell & Co, Redford Colliery.

There is no evidence to indicate when these works closed. However in 1952 a composite brickworks was opened on the same site. It did not become a profitable concern and was burdened by continued financial problems. After changing hands twice it finally closed in 1978.

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