Powmill Brick and Tile Works, Powmill, Crieff, Perthshire

Powmill Brick and Tile Works, Powmill aka Pow Water Brick and Tile Works aka Dalpatrick Brick and Tile Works.


10/10/1860 – North British Agriculturist – Crieff. Effects of the late storm … The fury of the gale blew over the stalks of Dalpatrick Brick and Tile Works, which completely smashed the root and destroyed the building to such an extent that the workings have been idle since …

Below – 1863 – 1864 – Powmill Brick and Tile Works. They are disused by the 1899 map.

Below – 16/05/1867 – Perthshire Constitutional and Journal – Dalpatrick Tileworks near Crieff for sale.

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