Found Pierowall Bay, Westray, Orkney – Bill Cranston

Find location would suggest Scottish origins but… It was also found next to a Lochhead, Dunfermline brick.

Note the thumb print to bottom left.

The mark appears to be  OWC  (as opposed to OWO) however the maker is still unknown. There is a suggestion that OWC could stand for ‘off white cement’ but…



Below – 1869 – Perhaps this brick was ‘imported’ into Orkney by this Company J.M Aitken Lerwick Shetland.

15/08/1952 – The British Clayworker. Shetland Brick Imports – Fairly steady supplies of bricks are being imported into the Shetlands from the mainland, writes a correspondent.  Two vessels-the s.s. Noire field and the m.v. Annick brought bricks from Irvine (Ayrshire) last month and more deliveries are expected.




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