Niddrie Brickworks, Niddrie, Edinburgh, Midlothian. 

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The Niddrie brickworks, near Edinburgh, was a large common-brick works built in 1924 to supply bricks for house building by the Niddrie & Benhar Coal Co. It had three large Hoffman continuous kilns, and latterly, a modern shuttle kiln.

The works closed in 1991, and was demolished.

04/04/1878 – Falkirk Herald – On Saturday the annual meeting took place of the Benhar Coal Company Limited……..The lease of the Abercorn brick and clay field on the company’s lands of Duddingston came to an end as at Martinmas 1877 and the directors decided not to renew the lease and that the company should take the work into their own hands. They entered on possession of it in the beginning of the year now current and a siding is being put in order for a large manufacture. There is a large mass of brick clay on the lands and the fire clay which is obtained in the collieries at Niddrie can be advantageously manufactured at these works with the common clay……

04/07/1924 – The Scotsman -In mid, east and west Lothian great developments of the minerals are also taking place.In addition to the new works and housing schemes launched by the Edinburgh Collieries Company ( already reported in the Scotsman) the Niddrie and Benhar Coal Company have colliery developments, a new brick work and housing schemes on hand……………..A brickwork to give an output of 20,000 bricks a day is being erected near the colliery.

Below – 1934  – Niddrie Fire Clay and Niddrie Brick Works.

19/08/1995 – The Glasgow Herald – The two 68 year old, 120ft chimneys of Niddrie Brickworks were demolished on Friday 18/08/1995 as the site was cleared to become a retail park.

Below – A lovely photo of a Niddrie brick and metal stamp. Note the stamp has chamfered edges so in effect this stamp would have created its own frog when pressed into the clay.

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