Macbeth Bombay

Found on the Atlas/Etna/Bathville Brickworks sites, Armadale, West Lothian.

Unidentified maker.

The find location would suggest Scottish origins and very likely manufactured at the Etna Brickworks but …

(SBH – Note – Although I still cannot say 100% who manufactured this brick, I am in no doubt who it  was manufactured for – Macbeth Brothers, Agents, Importers and Engineers, Bombay, India.)

(SBH – Note – I am also wondering if this is connected with the “MAC Brand” I find on my travels. They too are a mystery. Both MAC Brand bricks and this Macbeth are identical sizes including the unusual 2 3/4″ width. I also believe there may be a connection with bricks marked Scotia and Gartartan – A Scottish name connection runs through them all)



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