Leith, Edinburgh – Unnamed Brickworks.

05/08/1761 – Caledonian Mercury – That there is to be set in tack, for such a number of years as shall be agreed upon, from and after Martinmas next. The Brick and Tile Work, lying near to the Church of South Leith. Any person inclining to take the same may apply to Mr Robert Innes, Ship Master in Leith who has the power to conclude a bargain.

and again another reference to an unnamed brickworks in Leith. (Note – SBH – These may or may not be the same site).

06/05/1786 – Caledonian Mercury – Flour millstones – To be sold by James Whyte, at the Marble Work, Leith. Several pairs of the best burr stones of all sizes from 4 to 5 feet over, warranted good. NB. Informs his friends that his brickworks will be open for delivering of bricks on the 10th instant. Orders, as usual, taken at his Marble Work, Leith.

Below – 04/06/1789 – Caledonian Mercury – James Whyte, merchant Leith at Brickfield near Leith. 400, 000 bricks for sale.

Below – 10/04/1809 – Caledonian Mercury. Possibly connected?

Below – 05/03/1812 – Caledonian Mercury – Possibly connected?

Below – 22/03/1813 – Caledonian Mercury – Possibly connected?

Sale of a brickfield near Leith Baths. The sale of these lands is now to take place on Wednesday the 31st current, in the Royal Exchange Coffeehouse, Edinburgh at two o’clock afternoon, in whole or in lots as may be desired. Meantime application may be made to Messrs Lamb and Ross, Shore of Leith or Mr Swinton, W.S Edinburgh. 22/03/1813.



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