Kirkconnell Old Brick Kilns, Kirkconnell, Troqueer, Dumfries

Canmore –  Exploratory excavations near the edge of the merse have revealed an area which was either the off-loading area for the 18th century jetty or the site of a brickworks known to be functioning in the 1750’s. A unroofed structure annotated ‘Old Brick Kiln’ is depicted on the 1st edition of the OS 6-inch map


Francis Maxwell states  – I used to own Kirkconnell House, New Abbey , Dumfries and I was brought up believing it to be the first brick-built house in Scotland. The brick house was built in 1760. James Maxwell came back from exile after the 1845. With him he may have brought some French brickies, or at least the recipe to make and lay them.  The clay came from near the house and on an old OS maps are still marked as the site of old brick kilns.  The brick-laying is all in the French style, though the house looks Georgian. I shall forward a photograph. They built quite a lot onto the old house and his son finished with an acre of walled garden.

(Note – SBH – Historic Environment Scotland currently have Stratton House, Montrose listed as the oldest brick built house in Scotland  – 1762)


Gifford’s book on Buildings of Scotland: D &G, p366 that a 1744-60 extension to the original tower house of Kirkconnell was, unusually for Scotland at that time, built of brick, as was a
brick-walled court and the later brick-walled garden, late c18, and chapel of 1815.


Below  – Kirkconnell House.

Below – 1850 – Old Brick Kilns, Kirkconnell

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