Keppochhill Brickworks and Fountainwell Brickworks, Glasgow

At this time I believe that Keppochhill Brickworks was later renamed Fountainwell Brickworks. This is presumed from the OS maps I have been able to view. I have not seen a map detailing Keppochhill Brickworks but as the Fountainwell Brickworks were situated on Keppochhill Road then I believe they could be one of the same. Any evidence to the contrary will be gratefully received.

1858 – No reference to brickworks at Fountainwell/Keppochhill Road.

1871 – 1872 –  McMekin & Dunlop, brickmakers, Keppoch Hill; house, Well Rd. Keppoch Hill.

1872 – 1873 – McMekin & Dunlop, brickmakers,Keppoch Hill; house, Well Rd.Keppoch Hill.

1873 – 1874 – James Dunlop, Brickmaker and contractor, Keppochhill Brickworks, Ho 379 Keppochhill Road.

1873 – 1874 – McMeekin & Dunlop, brickmakers and contractors, Keppochhill Rd.

1874 – 1875 – James Dunlop, brickmaker and contractor, Keppochhill Brickworks; ho. 379 Keppochhill Rd and McMeekin & Dunlop, brickmakers and contractors, Keppochhill Rd

Below – 13/08/1877 – Glasgow Herald – For sale Privately at Keppochill Brickworks, Keppochill Road a horizontal Steam engine … Also a quantity of bricks, sold in consequence of the ground having been acquired for building. Apply to James Dunlop at the Brickworks.

1877 – 1878 –  McMeekin & Dunlop, brickmakers and contractors, Keppochhill Rd.

28/02/1879 – Glasgow Herald – Going Brickwork for sale. The brickmaking machinery, plant and lease of clayfield on the lands of Craighall, Port Dundas as lately worked by the deceased James Dunlop; 20hp engine and boiler, new pan mill and rollers, drying stove etc – Apply at 171 Craighall Road near the Work …

1879 – McWilliam & Co, Brickmakers, Westerhill Street off Keppochhill Road. Ho 144 Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow

1879 – 1880 –  McWilliam & Co., brickmakers and builders, Lyall St, off New Keppochhill Rd.; ho. Park House, Bishopbriggs.

1893 – 1894 – Fountainwell Brick Company – Old Keppochhill Road, Glasgow.

1893 – There is a suggestion from the Commercial Gazette London that Fountainwell Brick Co folded in March 1893.

Below – 1892 – 1894 – Fountainwell Brickworks, Glasgow – disused.

fountainwell brickworks glasgow

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