Hoselaw Mains Tile Works, Kelso

Below – 06/04/1849 – Kelso Chronicle – …… All tile shades, shelving and other effects at said Works , formerly the property of A.G Davidson esq, 2 tile machines, pug mill, wheel barrows etc and a number of tiles. The shades and shelving will be put into lots to suit purchasers and is suitable for Cleading carts etc…..

(Note : Probably the same gent as A.Davidson Greaves esq who on attaining the age of 21 took over the family estate at Hoselaw which would most likely include Hadden Farm. – 12/07/1844)

Below – 1859 – Possible location of the Hoselaw Tile Works. Note the ‘Marl Pit” – Marl is a type of clay from which bricks and tiles could be manufactured.

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