Hallcraig Brick and Tile Works, Carluke

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1862 – James Hamilton, Hallcraig Tile Works, Carluke

1882 – Andrew Gold & Co, Brick and Tile Maker, Office Cairney Mount, Chapel Street, Carluke.




Below  – 1882 Andrew Gold advert

1882 Andrew Gold Hallcraig, Carluke

Below – 16/01/1882 – The Scotsman – Shocking accident at a brickfield – Eliza Kelly badly injured at Andrew Golds Hallcraig Brickworks, Carluke.

1886 – Andrew Gold – Gold Andrew & Co. brick & tile manufacturers, Carluke.

Below  – 1886  – Andrew Gold advert

andrew gold hallcraig carluke 1886

Below  – 1896 – Hallcraig Brick and Tile Works, Carluke. This was demolished in the 1930’s.

hallcraig brick and tile works

Below – 1896 – Hallcraig Brick Works, Carluke

hallcraig brick works

Below  – 1896  – Hallcraig Brick and Tile Works and Hallcraig Brick Works, Carluke. Neither site shown on the 1940 OS Map.

Hallcraig brick and tile works carluke

1897 – 1898 – Andrew Gold & Co, Brick and Tile Maker, Hallcraig, Carluke

1903 – Andrew Gold & Co. Hallcraig tile works. Carluke

06/05/1905 – Hamilton Herald –  Courts – …….Two tramps were charged with sleeping at Hallcraig Brick Works belonging to The Coltness Iron Company. It was stated by the Fiscal that the objection taken  to these tramps sleeping in the Works was that they made beds from the bricks and they did not put them back in the morning which caused considerable annoyance to the workmen who had to put them back in their place. The Sheriff dismissed them with a warning.

Below  – 23/10/1925 – The Gazette –  Carluke new housing – issue between using Shotts bricks and Hallcraig bricks.

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