Greenhill Colliery and Brick Works, Shotts, North Lanarkshire

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Canmore – The 2nd edition of the OS 6-inch map (Lanarkshire 1899, sheet xii) depicts two pits – Greenhill Colliery Pit Nos. 9 and 12 – together with a brickworks and a smithy, on the NW side of the Drumbowie Branch Line, about 500m W of Greenhill farmsteading. On the revised edition of the OS 6-inch map (Lanarkshire 1913, sheet xii, resurveyed in 1910) the site has been further developed, with additional sidings and a bing on the SE side of the railway line (at NS 8100 6002). Nothing now remains of the bing, or of this stretch of the railway, but there are some visible remains of the features to the NW of the line. The best preserved is Pit No.9 (CSW 4009), where the top of the brick-lined shaft is visible at NS 8093 6016. To the NNW of this there are three rows of concrete plinths and piers, up to 1.8m high, which presumably supported the winding gear, and there are spoil tips to the E. Pit No.12 (CSW 4190) was situated a short distance to the SE at NS 8096 6006. Two hollows here may mark the site of shafts, and a ruined building to the NE of these may be a building shown on the 1913 map (ibid). There is now no trace of the smithy, which was located about 100m to the NE of this pit, on the NW side of the railway line, and all that is left of the brickworks (CSW 4008) is an area of disturbed ground at NS 8089 6008, in which one building platform survives (possibly the building at the SE edge of the works on the 1913 edition). The Greenhill Colliery Brickworks functioned from about 1873 until 1964.

23/07/1870 – Hamilton Advertiser – Shotts – Excursion – The Workmen employed by Robert Young Esq, at Greenhill Coal, Ironstone and Brickworks had their annual excursion on Friday 15th July. Accompanied by the Cleland brass band they proceeded by special train from Bellside Station on the Cleland – Mid Calder Railway to Edinburgh. After spending a pleasant day in visiting the numerous places of interest to be found in the Scottish metropolis the party numbering 300, returned in the evening in the most orderly manner, all highly delighted with the days enjoyment.

05/08/1874 – Glasgow Herald – Composition bricks of superior quality to be had. Loaded in trucks on railway at Greenhill Colliery, Holytown. Apply to Robert Young, 37 West George Street, Glasgow.

01/09/1896 – Glasgow Herald – Greenhill Colliery Company Limited take over the business including the brickworks.

Below – 23/11/1896 – Glasgow Herald – The trustees of the late Robert Young brick manufacturer at Greenhill intimate the business has been acquird by the Greenhill Colliery Company Limited

Below – 25/08/1926 – Falkirk Herald. Breach of the peace at Greenhill Brickworks.

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