Glenboig X P bricks

The following bricks were found by Ian Suddaby in the River Tay, Perth near the site of the old coal gasworks.

No drawings appear to survive but the code on each slightly different shape probably told those assembling the structure where everything went.
P for Perth?
Glenboig X 1 P
Glenboig X 2 P
Glenboig X 4 P
Glenboig X 5 P
Glenboig X 7 P
Glenboig X 8 P
Glenboig X 9 P
Glenboig X 11 P
Glenboig X 13 P
Below – These are the same bricks as in the above photo and show the shape  of the individual bricks.
Below – X 2 P and X 4 P
Below – Glenboig Z 6
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