Glenboig brick found on a shipwreck off the state of Washington coast, USA

03/11/1934 – Coatbridge Leader – Glenboig brick romance. Knocking about ocean bed for twenty years. A fireclay brick which was one of a consignment of 47,500, despatched twenty years ago by the Glenboig Union Fireclay Company made quite a romantic reappearance on Wednesday at the annual meeting of the Company held in Glasgow. Mr Robert Henderson, the Chairman, explained that twenty years, ago the sailing ship, Clackmanshire, left Glasgow with a cargo which included 47,500 fireclay bricks made at Glenboig. The ship was never heard of again and it was believed that the consignment had disappeared forever. In June 1932, however, a quantity of Glenboig bricks was found on the west coast of the State of Washington. U.S.A. The finder of the bricks forwarded two of them to the Glenboig Fireclay Union, and it was one of these that now appeared on the director’s table at the company’s annual meeting. The brick before them, the chairman added, had apparently been rolling about the bed of the ocean for almost 20 years during which time it must have knocked against several rocks. Despite that, it was still practically intact, although the sharp corners had been worn off it. With regard to the annual balance sheet, the chairman observed that there a certain pleasure in submitting it as it showed a small trading profit of £394 this year, as compared with the trading losses of £2073 and £9827 for the two previous years.

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