Gladston Brick and Tile Works, Bishopton, Paisley, Glasgow

Gladston, Glastone, Gledstane.

See Alexander Whitelaw




1839 – Gladston Brickworks established? ( see entry dated 17/02/1869 below).

1847 – Peter Brown started operating on the site? (See entry dated 14/01/1867 below)

1851 – 1852 – Peter Brown – Brick and Tile manufacturer, Gladston, Paisley.

Below – 1857 – Gladston brick and tile works, Bishopton, Paisley

1857 Glaston brick and tile works, Bishopton, Paisley

17/11/1860 – Paisley Herald – Property for sale. The Estate of Craigton and Caldside in the Parish of Erskine for sale……A plan of the lands showing the boundaries and extent of each lot, can be seen on application to Mr Peter Brown, Gladston Brick and Tile Works, Bishopton……

1862 – Gladstone Brick Works : Bishopton, Paisley : Peter Brown, tile manufacturer.

20/06/1863 – Glasgow Herald – Two seperate portions of land for sale, parts of the Estates of Easter Rossland and Craigton in the immediate vicinity of Bishopton Station of the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway – for the erection of Country residences…. Mr Brown, Brick and Tile Works, Bishopton will point out the lands….

1865 – 1866 – Peter Brown, brick and tile maker, Gladstone and Fullwood.

25/09/1866 – Edinburgh Gazette – Paisley, September 20, 1866. The concern carried on by the Subscriber, sole partners thereof, as Brick and Tile Manufacturers, Rossland, Bishopton, under the Firm of Lusk, Thomson and Company, was this day dissolved of mutual consent. The Subscriber Charles Lusk will hereafter carry on the business at the same place in his own name, by whom
the debts due to and by the Dissolved Firm will be uplifted and paid. Charles Lusk and John Thomson. (Note – SBH – this is a confusing entry as it appears from the address of Rossland, Bishopton that the brickworks should refer to the Gladstone site but Peter Brown seems to have been the lone manufacturer there over this period – for clarification but I have recorded the etry here meantime)

Below – 14/01/1867 – Glasgow Herald – Gladstone brick and tile work to let. The works have been successfully carried on by Mr Brown for nearly 20 years.

1868 – R Rodger Gladstone Brick Works, Bishopton, Glasgow (Rodger – Manager?)

1868 – 1869 –  Peter Brown, Brick and Tile Maker, Gladstone near Linwood and Fullwood near Bishopton.

17/02/1869 – Glasgow Herald – For sale at valuation. A first class brick and tile work (30 years established) with stock, engine, machinery, plant etc. 9 years of lease to run. Situated about 200 yards from the Bishopton Station and nearest Greenock of kind. A rare opening. Apply to Messrs Lang, 34 North Albion Street, Glasgow.

1878 – Archibald Brown, brick and tile maker, Bishopton, Renfrewshire. (Note – SBH – Possibly the same Archibald Brown that worked the Auchenheath brick and tile works c. 1903)




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