Gartshore Brickworks, Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire

I believe Drumgrew Brickworks and Gartshore Brickworks are one of the same.


1867 – William Baird and Co, Coal and Iron Stone Owners, Gartshore.

06/12/1933 – Kirkintilloch Herald – Brick manufacturing – Messrs William Baird and Co have started operations for the erection of a brickwork at Drumgrew, in the immediate vicinity of the refuse bing at their Gartshore colliery.

Below – 30/12/1935 – Dundee Courier – Gartshore Composition bricks advert.

06/04/1937 – Dundee Courier – David Symons, (14), residing at Twechar near Kilsyth was crushed to death yesterday afternoon when working at Drumgrew Brickwork. He was fastening hutches on to a haulage chain when he was dragged into the haulage wheel. He had been working there only a week or two.

Below – 29/04/1938 – The Scotsman – William Baird advert – references Gartshore brick brand.

24/01/1940 – Kirkintilloch Herald – Assault at Gartshore Brickworks. 2 female workers fighting. It was just after the days works. They were inside the works. They were going to the bothy to change clothes. Accused pled guilty to assault. Fined 10 shillings or 10 days.

1947 – The national Coal Board became owners.

1969 1981 – The Scottish Brick Corporation were the owners.

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