Forth brick found in Israel

This lovely example of a ‘Forth’ brick was found by Uri Geller during the refurbishment of a museum he owns in Old Jaffa, Israel.  The building sits on top of an old olive oil soap factory and this brick was found inside an old furnace which formed part of the works.

Roughcastle Firebrick Works, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire.

07/05/2022 – Metro newspaper – … The millionaire (Uri Geller) was recently refurbishing a museum he owns in Old Jaffa, Israel, when a strange brick was found beneath the building.

He said: ‘We found an ancient olive oil soap factory going back thousands of years with an old chimney and furnace. It was underground.

‘One archaeologist crawled meters into the furnace and found what was a Scottish-made brick, and on the brick, it says ‘Forth’

‘This is so mind-blowing to me because my island (Lamb Island, North Berwick) is in the Firth of Forth in Scotland.’ …

Link to a related online BBC article by Raffi Berg.


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