Fordel Brick and Tile Works, St Davids Harbour, Fifeshire

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Fordel Brick and Tile Works, St Davids Harbour, Fifeshire


The Fordel brick is apparently the same company as the Fordell brick and there is a suggestion that the owner thought the double ‘L’ spelling looked and sounded more ‘up market’ (N.B. – This reference is apparently contained in a book entitled Early Railways of West Fife by a W Brotchie – If anyone can confirm same it would be much appreciated)

Below – 24/07/1851 – Fife Herald – Fordel brick and tile works newly established.

24/06/1852 – Fife Herald – Fordel brick and tile works, St Davids harbour, Fife – H. Stirling & Co beg respectively to intimate that they have taken lease of the above brick and tile works and will be most happy to supply any article in the line on the most reasonable terms. From the experience which Mr Stirling has had in the brick and tile trade, for the last 17 years, at the Clackmannan brick and tile works and the satisfaction he gave to purchasers there, H S & Co hope to merit a share of public patronage. All orders will be attended to. 23/06/1852

20/10/1853 – Fife Herald – Henry Stirling & Co – Beg to offer their grateful thanks to the numerous customers who have given them so very liberal a share of support since they became lessees of the Fordel Brick and Tile Works. The very superior quality of the Fordel clay and the long experience H.S has had in the trade at Clackmannan and elsewhere will, they feel confident, enable them always to offer goods of first rate quality; and they respectfully hope to continue to merit and receive a liberal share of public support. Terms moderate. Fordel brick and tile works, St David’s Harbour, Fifeshire October 1853.

Below – 1854 – Fordel brick and tile works.  The works are not marked on the 1894 map.

04/01/1855 – Fife Herald – Contibutors to the Patriotic Fund – H Stirling & Co, £1 1s – worlmen at Fordel brick and tile works 17s 6d.

Below – 21/03/1863 – Dunfermline Saturday Press – Fordell Brick and Tile Works, St Davids, Fifeshire  – new occupiers William Crawford & Co.

Below – 17/11/1871 – Glasgow Herald – Newly established brick and tile works at the shipping port of St David’s near Inverkeithing to let. William Aitken shipping agent.

Below – Unknown date – Advert for the Fordel Colliery and brick works

Fordel Colliery brickworks

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