Drumclog Tileworks, Drumclog, Darvel, South Lanarkshire.


11/09/1848 – Glasgow Herald  – Sale of lands in Avondale Parish … all and whole the lands of Ryland … pleasantly situated on the Water of Avon and in the immediate vicinity of a going lime and tile works … (Note – SBH – I believe this is a reference to the Drumclog Tileworks which were situated next to the Ryland area).

1850 – W. F. Downie, 1979. A history of Strathaven and Avondale – … About 1850 the circular clay tile was introduced in varying diameters and have been in constant use right up to the present day. There was a tilework at Drumclog near Meadowfoot Farm which produced teh tiles required in the district. It ceased working about 100 years ago. Andrew Baird, a relation of the author, was owner of the tilework. …

Below- 1858 – Drumclog Tileworks – disused.


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