Dollar Mains and Wester Pitgobar Tile and Brick Works Dollar, Clackmannanshire

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Is the Wester Pitgobar, Dollar  brick and tile works the same as Dollar Main brick and tile works?

28/05/1840 – Perthshire Advertiser  – Wester Pitgobar Tile and Brick Works – These works, situated in the immediate vicinity of Dollar are now in full operation and proprietors and tenants may obtain supplies of drain and roof tiles and bricks which they will find to be the very best description and quality, at all times, and to any extent they may require. Wester Pitgobar 28/05/1840

24/09/1845  –  Liverpool Mail – Glasgow and Dundee Junction Railway by Stirling, Kinross and Cupar being set up. Provisional committee includes John Ballandene, Wester Pitgobar.

………….. The railway will pass through a great natural valley … in minerals……and the best materials for making bricks and tile so much in demand for modern agricultural improvements……

12/11/1840 – Perthshire Advertiser  – Contractors wanted for making and manufacturing tile and brick.

Contractors are wanted for making and manufacturing pan tile , drain tile and brick including the preparation of the clay and burning at the new works of Wester Pitgobar near to the town of Dollar. There will be on the premises 2 kilns, each capable of containing 18,000 tiles with corresponding drying sheds and machine driven by water for the preparation of the clay.

The particulars will be learned on application to Mr Alexander Penny at the Works with whom offers must be lodged on or before the 21st day of November current.

Wester Pitgobar Tile Works near Dollar. 3rd November 1840.

07/02/1850 – Perthshire Advertiser – Beautiful small Estate in the Vale of Devon for sale. Public roup on the sequestrated Estate of John Ballandene, Writer, Banker and Brick and Tile manufacturer in Perth. …..

The lands and estate of Pitgobar in the Parish of Muckhart and shire of Perth are delightfully situated on the banks of the River Devon………an extensive field of clay on the lands, on which the proprietor had erected a bricks and tile work from which common drain and common tiles and bricks of a superior quality have been long supplied in to the surrounding country………. and still for sale on 08/08/1850.

20/12/1855 – Perthshire Advertiser – The lands and Estate of Pitgobar in the Vale of Devon, Parish of Muckhart and County of Perth for immediate entry. ……there is an extensive and valuable field of clay on the lands which was worked by the proprietor to much advantage in the manufacture of drain and common tiles and bricks…….. Perth 1st November 1855

Below – 14/01/1865 – Dunfermline Saturday Press – Dollar Mains Brick and Tile Works. Manager Mr Allan Ford. Dollar Mains brick and tile works. On Stock,  superior common building bricks, fire bricks, agricultural drain pipes, and red and blue roofing tiles, also salt glazed sewerage and water pipes, feeding troughs, sink stones, jaw boxes, plain and ornamental chimney cans, vases, ridge and paving tiles, wall coping, circular and oval vent linings and flue covers. Every description of fire-clay goods made to any design. Prices may be learned on application to Mr Allan Ford, Manager of Works. Dollar, January 6, 1865.


23/02/1871 – Fife Herald  – Scotch Bankrupts – George Pitkethly Smith, brick and tile maker, residing at Windsow Cottage, Dollar  (connected?)

1877 – James Ramsay , brickmaker, proprietor of the house and brickwork, Dollar Mains. (page 59)

A Ford – Brickmaker, Dollar, Clackmannanshire (page 48)

1878 – Allan Ford –  Brick and Tile Makers, Dollar Mains, Clackmannanshire.

1878 –  John Gillespie, Brick and Tile Maker, Dollar Mains, Dollar, Clackmannanshire.


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