Found at High Bonnybridge.

The consensus of opinion, prior to finding this brick, is that ‘Crater’ was a trademark of the Etna/Atlas Brickworks in West Lothian. This information is detailed in this link The Bricks of Bathville and Armadale and bricks stamped ‘Crater’ have been found on the site of the old Etna/Atlas Brickworks.

This ‘Crater’ stamp is very similar to this example found in Argentina – click me.

This was ‘Crater’ brick and several others were found among debris from the Bonnybridge Silica and Fire Clay Co. It was found among a mass of bricks stamped ‘Bonnybridge Brand’ and as such it was quite likely manufactured by the BSFC Co. but this of course flies in the face of the earlier assumption that ‘Crater’ bricks were made at the Etna/Atlas Brickworks. No other Etna/Atlas products were found in the BSFC Co debris.

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