Clay field, Leith, Edinburgh

14/01/1790 – Caledonian Mercury – To be sold by public roup, on Wednesday the  10th of February 1790, within the Old Exchange Coffeehouse, Edinburgh, betwixt the hours of six and seven afternoon.  The houses and gardens belonging to the Earl of Lauderdale, on the fourth side of Leith Links, consisting of an extremely good house, very pleasantly situated, and commanding and agreeable prospect, ad a garden, coach house, ad stables, &c.

As also, the two houses, one of whereof is very good, and two gardens, presently possessed by Alexander Marr, at the yearly rent of 281. sterling; at which sum they were et on a lease for 19 years, which expired at Martinmas 1787, so that a considerable rise of rent may now be expected.  In the upper garden, there is about an acre of extreme good deep clay, fit for making brick unopened.  The servant will show the principle house every Friday, between twelve and two o’clock afternoon; and Alexander Marr the other subjects at any time.  The articles of roup and progress of writs are to be seen in the hands of Allan Macdougall, writer to the signet.
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