Clarkston Brick and Tile Works, Williamwood, Glasgow

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Mr. and Mrs. Yuille owned the Brick and Tile Works in Clarkston in the 19th century, a small, local industry in a largely industrial area, now the site of Williamwood High School. The Tile Works failed about 1900.

1895  Redhurst House built of local Giffnock brick by Mr & Mrs Yuille. Mr. Yuille built a house called Redhurst which was unusual for its time because it was not built of sandstone, but of shiny bricks and tiles. It has been described by a great niece of Mrs. Yuille as like a doll’s house.

The portrait of Mrs. Yuille below  is thought to have been painted by the Scottish artist, Thomas L. Ritchie, who worked in both Glasgow and Edinburgh and exhibited regularly at the Royal Scottish Academy from 1850 – 1875.