Found on River Tyne, Newcastle.

Arthur Brickman comments: Similar bricks appear on Tyneside and I believe them to be of Dutch manufacture. In the early 1900s a German patented Coal to Oil plant with associated Coking Ovens was built at Blaydon on the Tyne, in the vicinity of the Cowen Brickworks, which was then owned by Priestman Collieries. Known locally as ‘Ottovale’, a reference to the project appears in a 1902 edition of the ‘Pottery Trades Gazette’, bemoaning the fact that despite Tyneside had an abundance of quality firebrick manufacturers, the contract stipulated that some 500,000 bricks would be imported from the Netherlands for all it’s refractory requirements. It would appear to be another case of Coals to Newcastle!


Below – A fellow collector has evidence of a similar brick being found at St. Petersburg.

ceipel & co

Below – 28/08/1860 – Newcastle Daily Chronicle  – Refers to ships “entered outwards” to Newcastle, England on 27/08/1860.


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