Caradale, Traditional brick, Etna Works, Lower Bathville, Armadale, Scotland

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CARADALE BRICK LIMITED was founded on 31/03/1888 and had its registered office in 25 Bothwell Street, Glasgow. The company was dissolved on the 16/11/2013

Previous Names – Glasgow Iron and Steel Company 13/03/1998

Table below 2007

Company Brickworks Kiln Capacity/year Type
Caradale Traditional Brick Ltd Mayfield Works, Carluke Hoffman 14 million Pressed
Caradale Traditional Brick Ltd Etna Works, Armadale 1 x Hoffman

1 x Intermediate

21 million


Product range – bricks not branded (date unknown)

Buff multi – Afton mixture, Atholl rustic, Balmoral smooth, Carron smooth, Kelvin antique, Pentland mixture.

Red multi – Border mixture, Bracken smooth, Braidwood antique, Braidwood mixture, Braidwood rustic, Carrick rustic, Royal antique, Royal rustic, Royal smooth, Royal smooth tumbled, Scotch common.


Product range  – January 2000 – produced at Etna Works

Exclusive facing brick range – Kelso cream mixture, Irvine smooth multi, St Monan’s antique gold.

Caradale range 2000 –

Buff multi – Atholl buff, Afton cream, Braidwood buff, Carron smooth multi, Kelvin antique gold, Pentland buff, Cheviot buff, Balmoral smooth blend.

Red multi – Border mixture, Bracken red, Braidwood antique blend, Braidwoodred, Braidwood smooth multi, Carrick red, Melrose, Royal antique blend, Royal rustic, Royal smooth

Imperial Range – Abbotsford red multi, Antique blend, Bracken blend, Royal blend, Dark hearted.

Commons 65mm, and 73mm frogged.


Below – Caradale business card  – Dick McLaughlin. Works managaer – Mayfield

Caradale business card

caradale brochure

caradale brochure 1

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