Bonnymuir Brick and Tile Works, Bonnybridge.

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Bonnymuir Brick and Tile Works, Bonnybridge. Established prior to 1867. It is possible that G Turnbull & Co operated this site in conjunction with the Woodlea Brick Works at one time - Falkirk Archives.

1839 - The advert below infers that George Turnbull & Co were established at the Bonnymuir Works in 1839. Works - Dykehead Firebrick and Ganister Works  and Bonnymuir Fireclay and Grateback Works
TA - Ceramics, Bonnybridge Directors Gerald Hooper, Joseph Kimber, A.L Sydney, John Hambly, and F.C Swallow - Managing Director. (The date of the advert is uncertain)

George Turnbull

Below  – 20/02/1852 – The Glasgow Herald – Bonnymuir Brick and Tile Works  for let or sale.


1855 – Margaret Donald and her husband Alexander Cairns, once manager of Malcolm Cockburns Gowanbank Brickworks were living in Melbourne Australia but still owned the Bonnymuir works which was managed by George Turnbull.

1857 – Greenbank Cottage, Linlithgow. Geo Turnbull, brick manufacturer, Denny

1875 – By this date Alexander Cairns had sold the Bonnymuir Works to Alexander Duthie of Ruthrieston. George Turnbull was still the tenant.

1878 – George Turnbull, brick and tile maker, Denny, Bonnybridge – TO Lower Greenhill Station.

1880 – It is believed that George Turnbull bought the Bonnymuir Works at this time. It was described locally as a Brickworks and Bone Mill. Bones from the local slaughter houses were calcined in the kilns then ground up into a bonemeal fertiliser.

1882 – George Turnbull, Fire Brick Maker, Bonnymuir Works, Bonnybridge.

1882 – George Turnbull had a sister , Margaret who married James Dougall (later formed James Dougall & Sons, Bonnyside Fireclay Works). They had several children including Margaret and Janet who became partners with George Turnbull around 1882.

1882 1885 – George Turnbull, brick and tile maker, Bonnybridge.

2/05/1886 – Falkirk – The Edinburgh International Exhibition – James Dougall & Sons, Bonnymuir Fire Brick Works, Bonnybridge. Court 2 – among the ‘Pottery glass and kindred industries’ occupy stand 60, where they show fire clay, gannister bricks for steel and iron furnaces, special stoppers, nozzles of pipes for steel furnaces, fire clay blocks, grate and stove backs etc. (Note SBH – I think this should refer to Bonnyside not Bonnymuir – to clarify)

1886 1887 – George Turnbull, Fire Brick Maker, Bonnymuir Works, Bonnybridge.

1889 – George Turnbull dies and his business is taken over by Margaret and Janet Dougall who employ Henry Bruce to manage the Bonnymuir Works. Robert Dougall also joins this partnership.

1893 – 1896 – Bonnybridge Brick and Tile Works – George Turnbull. Silica Fireclay Works.

1901 – 1904 – Bonnybridge brick and tile works, George Turnbull.

Below – 1914 – Bonnymuir Brick and Tile Works, Bonnybridge.


1919 – Dykehead Ganister and Fireclay Company Ltd is purchased by Gerald Hooper of Joseph Kimber and Co, London. Thomas Walker is appointed Works Manager of Dykehead and Bonnymuir Works.

1923 – Castings Magazine – Advert – Source Falkirk Museum and Archives – George Turnbull and Company, Dykehead Brickworks, Bonnybridge. Established 1839 – still open in 1923?

Founder Miss Margaret Donald.

The works never became profitable and she eventually sold them to marry and emigrated to Australia. The site was later taken over by George Turnbull & Co.

The works stood on a Millstone Grit bed of clay and had their own mine just to the south of the works. When owned by George Turnbull, together with the Bonnymuir Tile Works they produced blast furnace linings, gas works blocks, grate back bricks, fire bricks, furnace blocks, cupola’s, ladles, boiler seat blocks, flue covers and ground ganister.

1960 – The Bonnymuir Works continued to make gratebacks and baby bricks after WW2 but they were closed in 1960.


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