BCM-British Ceramic Manufacturers

BCM stands for the British Ceramic Manufacturers (Federation) which was formed from the British Pottery Manufacturers Federation at some point between 1954 and 1995.
The BPM was formed in 1919.
After 1995 it was the British Ceramic Confederation.
The B.C.M.F. is the body that represents all the major United Kingdom manufacturers in the ceramics industry, including tableware, tiles and electrical insulators. as well as sanitaryware.
There is however apparently a list of BCM’s in the 1931 Directory of Clayworkers directory which infers a formation date of the BCM of 1931 or before.
(Note – SBH – There is confusion as to whether BCM stands for British Ceramic Manufacturers or British Clay Manufacturers. It may be that one morphed into the other at some point. Any assistance in clarifying matters will be gratefully received)
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