Bald Alloa brick found in Russia

Many thanks to Vladimir Smirnov for the following information.

This Bald brick should be manufactured by Alexander Bald, Alloa Brick & Tile Works, Alloa, Clackmannanshire.

It was found in St Petersburg, Russia.

All known bricks marked BALD are accompanied by the initial ‘A’  – A. BALD.

However in this example the word BALD appears to be on its own because if it were A. BALD then it would not be symmetrical and central above the word ALLOA which would be the norm. The brick is damaged so we cannot be certain but it would be very unusual to find lines of text off centre to each other.

The top line appears to be 3 letters and these may be Russian but it is unknown what, if anything, they translate to.

The first letter looks like a Russian Cyrillic letter ‘K’, ‘R’ or ‘A’ because of the angled section of letter that can just be seen.

The second letter appears to be the Russian Cyrillic letter that translates to ‘PE’ –  

The third letter could be the Russian Cyrillic letter ‘K’.

The only definite way to confirm or deny this possibility would be through clay analysis but this would be a very costly procedure.

If this brick is an original BALD product manufactured in Scotland then the top line  of Russian letters could easily be some form of advertising in order to encourage further Russian sales.


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