Avonbridge Brickworks, Avonbridge

Canmore – Alternative Name(s) Afton Brick Co Ltd; Avon Brickworks; Redford Fireclay Works; Candiehead, Brickworks

Avonbridge Brick Works, Falkirk The Avonbridge Brick Works in Avonbridge, Falkirk were established about 1952 by Afton Brick Co Ltd. They were operated for a time by the Caledonian Peat Co Ltd, and latterly by the London & Northern Group. The works were closed on 9 September 1977. They used a  continuous kiln, which was fan-assisted. The tapering chimney measured 4m across at ground level and is 23.5m high. The kiln is a 28-chambered, brick-built and barrel-arched Hoffmann, one of the most popular types in Scotland. Conveyors were used to transport raw material around the site and the crusher used in the works was a Mitchell. The works made building bricks marked ‘Avonbridge’, ‘A B L’ or ‘AFTON


Site names  – Avonbridge Brickworks, Candie and Redford Colliery, Redford Mine, Redford Fireclay Works.

Established prior to 1876. Closed 1978

In the Falkirk Herald 29th April 1876 an entry appeared advertising the Redford Fire Brickworks attached to Redford Colliery. The site was therefor producing firebricks prior to this date. There is no evidence to indicate when these works closed. However in 1952 a composite brickworks was opened on the same site. It did not become a profitable concern and was burdened by continued financial problems. After changing hands twice it finally closed in 1978.

The older site consisted of a steam engine, 2 kilns a pan mill and 2 drying stores. The more recent site consisted of a 28 chambered Hoffman Kiln, 1 Mitchell crusher, 1 pan mill, 1 Chimney, a workshop and a store next to the kiln.

The earlier works obtained a good supply of fireclay and coal from the pit adjoining the works. Common clay was also available on the surface.

The earlier works produced firebricks.

Later works produced composition bricks frequently using the brand name of Avonbridge.

The following bricks were found at the works during a survey – Afton, Avonbridge, ABL, Darngavil, Eagle, Etna, Falcon, Micona and Newmains.

Source Falkirk Archives.


Falkirk Museums and Archives  FMA

Rectangular iron nameplate, painted blue with white lettering. Circa 1945

Associated with Avonbridge Brick Company Limited, Avonbridge. Avonbridge Brick Company Limited ceased operation in 1978.

This is probably the makers name plate from the Mitchell Crusher referred to above.


Below – c. 2012 – aerial view of Avonbridge Brick Works.

Below – 25/06/1970 – The Glasgow Herald – Makers of composition bricks at Avonbridge and Brucefield Works and sole distributors of Dockra, Cults and Fort William bricks. (Note – SBH – Are these teh same Brucefield Works)

Taylor Brothers Avonbridge

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