Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks, Cleland, Motherwell

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1878 – Gibb McIntyre & Ancell, Brick Makers  –  Auchinlea by Motherwell

1886 – Thomas Gibb & Sons, Auchinlee Quarries and Brick Works, Cleland,by Motherwell

01/09/1888 – The Scotsman – Thomas Gibb & Sons of Auchinlee Quarries, Cleland have acquired the lease of Doddington Quarries near Wooler from Lord Tankerville of Chilligham Castle, Northumberland.

24/06/1899 – Dundee Courier – Thomas Gibb & Sons, quarry masters and brickmakers, Auchenlee, Bishopbriggs. Capital £50,000 in 7000 preference and 5000 ordinary shares of £5 each.First subscribers – Richard Gibb, Quarry  and brick maker; Walter Gibb, Quarry and brick maker; George Neilson, Clerk, Bishopbriggs, CM Gibb, Quarry Master, Cleland; John Jack Quarry Master; Mrs Agnes Gibb, Bishopbriggs; AO Walker, Writer; James Mason, Cashier, Glasgow.

Below – 30/06/1899 – Financials of Thomas Gibb and Sons Limited. The company has been incorporated with with an authorised share capital of £60,000. It has been formed to acquire as from 01/01/1899 and to further develop and extend the business of Thomas Gibb and Sons, quarry masters and brick makers at Auchinlee, Cleland and Huntershill and Crowhill, Bishopbriggs together with plant, machinery and leases now belonging to them.

1899 – 1900 – Thomas Gibb & Sons – Quarrymasters and Brickmakers 45 Renfield Street, Glasgow.

1903 – Gibb Thomas & Sons. Auchinlea brick works, Cleland S.O. Lanarkshire

Below – 19/02/1904 – Dundee Courier – Financials for Thomas Gibb & Sons, Bishopbriggs and Auchinlee Quarries and Brickworks.

Below – 20/07/1906 – Motherwell Times – Girls claims compensation against Thomas Gibb & Sons but fails at court.



15/05/1915 – Hamilton Advertiser – Old brick suitable for partitions or rough cast work at 3s 6d per ton; also broken bricks for bottoming or concrete at 1s 6d per ton. Gibbs Auchinlea Brickworks, Cleland.

Below – 07/06/1915 – The Scotsman – Messrs Thomas Gibb & Co, Auchinlee Quarry and Brickworks near to Omoa Station for sale.

08/03/1919 – The Scotsman  – Quarries and brickworks – the well known Auchinlea Quarries with overlying blue clay for brickmaking will be let in one or 2 portions. Electric power on the Estate. also workmens home with accommodation for 120 men. Offers to Colonel Scott, Auchinlea, Cleland.

21/07/1934 – Dundee Courier –  – New Scottish Companies – Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks, Auchinlea Quarries, Cleland, Lanarkshire. Capital £15,000 in ordinary shares of £1 each.

29/03/1940 – Motherwell Times – Death of a mine manager. Mr George Cook (63) Auchinlea Cottages….for a number of years he was engaged as mines manager at the Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks Limited which operated in the district of Bellside.

21/09/1948 – The Scotsman – Death – Mr Hugh Leggat ……previous managing director of Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks Limited, Cleland.

23/12/1949 – The Scotsman – Haulage firms licence revoked – Falkirk haulage firm McInnes & Whitfield, Lochside Garage Redding. Licence revoked for not adhering to licence conditions in repsct of using lorries for the transport of building bricks from the Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks, Newmains to Inverness and Fort William.

20/03/1953 – Motherwell Times – Strong lad (15 – 16 years) wanted immediately as second man on lorry. Apply to Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks Limited, Cleland.

22/01/1954 – Motherwell Times – Clerkess shorthand typist required. Apply, stating age and giving full details of experience to Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks Limited, Cleland.

03/09/1954  – Motherwell Times – Working foreman mechanic for maintenance of fleet of commercial vehicles and dumpers. Apply giving age and full particulars of experience to Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks Limited, Cleland, Motherwell.

28/10/1958 – Motherwell Times – Maintenance fitter, experienced in repairs and maintenance of excavators, derrick cranes and brick plant. Apply – Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks Limited, Cleland.

11/05/1956 – Motherwell Times – Office girl wanted. Apply – Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks Limited, Cleland.


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