Auchinlea, Bellside and Greenhill, Nr Motherwell – The King family dynasty.


1875 – King and Co  – Blairdardie; office, Steven, William, 481 London road Small & Hurry, 164 Trongate.

1880 – There is also a good freestone quarry on Bellside estate, wrought by Mr King of Motherwell, where he also conducts the making of composition bricks…..

1882 – Thomas King & Co, Bellside Brickworks. Office Windmillhill Street.

Below – 1882 – Advert  – James King.

1882 James King Quarrymaster Bothwell Park Windmill hill Motherwell advert

02/02/1885 – Glasgow Herald –  Hamilton – Damages for injury in quarry – In Hamilton Sheriff Court, John Linton, Quarryman, Bellside, sued Thomas King & Coquarrymasters, Bellside Quarries for damages under the Employers Liability Act, for injuries received by a fall from the bare in their quarry at the beginning of last year, though it was alleged, the faulty construction of the bare or slope, and it’s having been insufficiently watched. Sheriff Birnie has found the pursuer was injured through the fault of the defenders and has awarded £20 damages with the expenses of the action. W.Brown & Co for the pursuer and Mr Moncrieff, Glasgow for the defenders.

1886 – Thomas King & Co, Brickmakers, Bellside –  office – 87 Brandon Street, Motherwell p.924.

Below – 1886 – Thomas King & Co, Bellside and Greenhill.

22/01/1897 – Motherwell Times – Death  Alexander King at Windmill House on the 18th inst, Alexander King aged 49 late of Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks, Cleland.

09/04/1890  – London Gazette – – ‘Bellside, Motherwell, 1st April,-,1880. T HE .subscriber, Henry John King, retired .as at this date, with the consent of his co-partners, from the concern of Thomas King and Company, Quarrymasters and Brickmakers, Bellside. The other subscribers, Thomas King and John Scott will carry on the business, under the name of Thomas King and Company, as before. Thomas King. ~ John Scott. Henry John King, J. Cunningham Kay, Solicitor, Hamilton, Witness. David N Cross, Clerk-at Law. Hamilton, Witness.

1890 – 1891 – Taylor, John B., quarry master and brickmaker.

Taylor & King, quarry masters and brickmakers, Auchinlea, Cleland.

Below – 20/08/1892 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Wilful explosion by ex-employees of Bellade and Auchinleck? (Bellside and Auchinlea ) … Cottages belonging to Messrs Taylor and King were blown up.

Below – 1893 Advert – Thomas King & Co, Bellside & Greenhill by Motherwell.

1893 Thomas King & Co Advert

1893 – 1894 –  Taylor, John R., quarry master and brickmaker, Auchinlea, Cleland.

Taylor & King, quarry masters and brickmakers, Auchinlea, Cleland.

Below  2 x  1896 – Adverts for Thomas King & Co, Bellside & Greenhill by Motherwell and James and Archibald King, Bothwell Park Quarries.




13/05/1898 – Motherwell Times – Trip to Aberdeen – The annual excursion of the employees of Thomas King & Co, Greenhill and Bellside Quarries and Brickworks took place to Aberdeen on Saturday last, upwards of 400 being present. Major Scott and family and a number of invited guests travelled by saloon carriage. On arrival at Aberdeen, the company departed to see the sights of the town. Major Scott afterwards entertained the invited guests to dinner and tea in the Anthenaeum Hotel. After tea Bailie King rose and delivered an interesting speech describing the beautiful scenery through which they had passed and making suitable reference to the City of Aberdeen. He was sure the appearance of the town had more than fully come up to their expectations. On behalf of the company, he thanked Major Scott for giving them the chance of being present and also for the way he had entertained them there that day. At the request of Bailie King, 3 hearty cheers were given to Major and Mrs Scott and family. Major Scott in reply, thanked Bailie King for his kind remarks and the company for their cheers. He was glad they had all enjoyed themselves. The company arrived home safe, all wishing that the genial Laird of Auchinlea would be long spared to organise many more happy outings.

1899 – 1900 –  King, Thomas, & Co., Brickmaker, Bellside. Office — -11 Merry Street.

1899 – 1900 – King, Thomas, & Co Bellside and Greenhill Quarries.

1901 – 1902 – King, Thomas, & Co., Brickmaker, Bellside. Office — -11 Merry Street.

1902 – 1903 – Taylor & King, quarrymasters and brickmakers, Auchinlea, Cleland.

Below  2 x 1903 – Adverts for Thomas King Auchinlea, Bellside and Greenhill and James Kings, Bothwell Park Quarries.

Thomas King & Co Advert


Bothwell Park Quarries and Brickworks

1903 – 1904 – Taylor, John R., quarry master and brickmaker, Auchinlea, Cleland.

Taylor & King, quarry masters and brickmakers, Auchinlea, Cleland.

1906 – 1907 – Taylor, John R., quarry master and brickmaker, Auchinlea, Cleland.

Taylor & King, quarry masters and brickmakers, Auchinlea, Cleland.

Below – 25/09/1907 – The Scotsman – For sale – at Bellside Brickworks, Cleland.

Below – 02/05/1910 – The Scotsman – Messrs Thos King & Co, Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks for sale.

01/11/1912 – Motherwell Times –  Bailie McKendrick gives a statement on the contracts to build the new poorhouse. ” … Bailie McKendrick said he held in his hand an excerpt of the minute of the Dalziel Parish Council showing they agreed to get the best brick in the market, namely Thomas King & Coy’s, Bellside for the facing bricks and Bothwell Park wire cut brick for the inside brick.  That was settled by the Parish Council and no other bricks were introduced into the building. He thought he opponent must have had a dream and he could unravel the dream for him, because in connection with the new burgh stables when they were being built, the Burgh engineer stipulated for the best-pressed brick outside and the No 1 quality white enamel brick for the inside.  This was going to make a very expensive building and when the offers were received, he ( Bailie McKendrick ) was one of those who protested against the amount of money being spent and a small committee of 3 was appointed to try and reduce the price. He (Bailie McKendrick ) was 1 of the 3  and instead of the pressed brick they get wire cut clay brick and No 2 quality white enamel brick for inside …

10/01/1921 – The Scotsman – Bricks and stones – 200,000 best quality bricks daily can easily be produced from blue boulder clay up to 50ft in-depth and building stone practically inexhaustible, also large blaze bings. To sell or let – Auchinlea Estate with 2 quarries, 1 working, a quantity of brick making machinery, railways into both quarries; also electric power, workmen’s home to accommodate 120 men and 20 workmen’s houses on the ground. The coal is leased to the Auchinlea Coal Co Ltd and it is believed there are 2 seams at a lower level untouched. Apply Colonel Scott, Auchinlea Estate, Cleland.

05/10/1951 – Motherwell Times – Clerkess / shorthand typists required. Apply in writing, stating age and full details of experience to Auchinlea Quarries & Brickworks Ltd, Cleland.

Below  – 1896 – 1 Bellside, 2 Auchinlea, 3 + 4 Auchinlee and 5 + 6 Greenhill brick and tile works.

Bellside Auchinlee and Auchinlea and Greenhill brickworks

Below – 1896 – Bellside Brickworks.

Bellside brickworks

Ian King of Coatbridge informs me that when King moved from Bellside he opened a brickworks at Alderside and ran that in conjunction with the Auchinlea, Bellside Brickworks. These were then in turn both taken over by the English company, the Butterley Brick Company in or about the 1970s.

Below – An undated photograph of a lorry with an AQB logo which is believed to stand for Auchinlea Quarries and Brickworks. The lorry is also marked Auchinlea and Cleland.

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