Found Newcastle upon Tyne.

Allhusen, a brick manufacturer based on the South Shore at Gateshead, Newcastle.

Possibly connected with Allhusen Works, soap and alkali manufacturer, of Gateshead

1840 Christian Augustus Henry Allhusen (1806–1890) entered the Tyneside chemical industry at Gateshead by purchasing the soap works of Charles Attwood and Co, otherwise known as the Tyne Chemical Works. This becameAllhusen, Turner and Co. Allhusen was not a chemist but adopted innovatory methods and used commercial skill to promote his products.

1846 Company name changed to C. Allhusen and Co.

Name later changed to C. Allhusen and Sons.

1862 Allhusen began drilling for salt on Teesside to manufacture alkali by the Leblanc process. However, this also benefited the rival Solvay process, then expanding on the Tees, and so in practice hastened the decline of the Tyneside industry.

Below – 14/08/1865 – Newcastle Journal. Boy drowns in the brick pond associatated with the Allhusen brick works.

1872 – Became limited liability company, the Newcastle Chemical Works Co. This public company was established to take over the business of the privately owned C. Allhusen and Sons which would be dissolved.