Found Armitage Shanks, Barrhead, Glasgow

ALFRAX N – A product of  Carborundum Co, Trafford Park Manchester and Walls Mill Lane, Rainford, St Helens , England.

See also Carbofrax 

1951 – CARBORUNDUM CO. LTD., TRAFFORD PARK, MANCHESTER, 17. T.A., “Carborund, Phone, Manchester”. T.N., Trafford Park 2381 (10 lines). London Branch: ROMNEY HOUSE, MARSHAM STHEET, WESTMINSTER, S.W.1. T.N., ABBey 6413 and 5181. Established 1905.
Abrasive, refractory and crucible materials.
Trade Names: Carbofrax; Alfrax; Carborundum Brand; Aloxite Brand.
See Advertisement, page 395.




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