17/09/2018 – Visitors from Russia.

A wonderful day was had when I met Vladimir Smirnov and his family yesterday in the Scottish Borders. A good number of local historical sites were visited, lunch and some friendly and informative ‘brick’ chat too. The highlight of the day for me was Vladimir’s unexpected, yet most generous gift of a ‘Bonnyrigg Patent’ brick he had found some years ago in St Petersburg, Russia. As far as we are aware no such examples have been recorded yet in Scotland. It is believed this brick was manufactured at the Bonnyrigg Fireclay Works, Bonnyrigg, Mid Lothian, Scotland although the exact location for these works is still unconfirmed.

This was Vladimir’s first visit to Scotland and as he was staying in Edinburgh, a nice relevant brick momento was found to mark the occasion. Apart from the brick, Vladimir, his wife Tatyana and son Daniel, brought some other lovely gifts including a very unique brick inspired, printed cushion made by Tatyana.

A great visit and one we hope to reciprocate at some point in the future.



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