Sankey Aluma

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Found Craigend Refractories Ltd, Falkirk

I believe this is a product of Craigend Refractories, Muiravonside, Falkirk.

I believe J H Sankey & Son, Essex Wharf, Canning Town, London was in the practice of having Scottish manufacturers make bricks with Scottish clay and stamp them Sankey.( See Weir Castlecary and Sankey)

Info Kenya Gazette pages 939 – 940  – Link refers to Sankey BM Scotch firebricks , Canning lying on the dock at Kilindini Harbour, Kenya in 1935.


What does intrigue me is that this was found at Craigend Refractories site. There were numerous examples and they were mixed in with Craigend Falcons, Eagles and Kestrels. Note the style of brickmarks – all very similar and look at the colour and appearance of the bricks – again very similar.

I have now found 3 x Sankey Aluma bricks at different Scottish locations and each time they have been found along side other Craigend bricks such as Falcon and Eagle.  This all gives credence to these bricks being manufactured in Scotland on behalf of J.H Sankey.


Sankey Alumina . Craigend Falcon


Craigend Eagle . Craigend Kestrel


See this reference below regarding Aluma

Aluma – Aluma cements are suitable for jointing, coating, and patching in all high temperature applications. They are air-setting, with outstanding bonding properties at ambient and operating temperatures.
Aluma 45 – Ready mixed, creamy consistency air-setting cement, excellent stability at temperature.

John Bramall states – FGF used to be an intermediary owned by GR-Stein (in 1983) – or thereabouts


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