Lochside Coal and Fireclay Company Limited, Townhill, Dunfermline

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1906 November 2 Lochside Fife Lochside Coal & Clay Co – George Ritchie,  35,  Miner. Roof Fall.  The blaes in the openings of the old stoop and room workings is worked for the purpose of making bricks, and while deceased was shovelling, an overhanging piece of the blaes fell and fatally crushed him. The part did not seem to be sufficiently timbered.

1902 – 12 April New brickworks at Townhill opened by Lochside Brick and Fireclay Works (Journal p4 col 7)

1938 – Lochside Coal and Fireclay Company Limited, Townhill, Dunfermline; Mine name – Lochside No 1, 2 and 3; Situation – Dunfermline; Manger – A.D McLuckie; 71 employees below ground and 11 above ground.

1964 – 28 November Dunfermline responds to “more bricks” appeal – feature on brickmaking – Wellwood Brick Co, Lochside Coal and Fireclay, Lassodie (p22)


Undated product catalogue for Lochside Coal & Fireclay Co Ltd and Loudon & Russell Limited – Standard catalogue of clay drainage pipes and fittings.

Trademark – Hepseal jointed pipes. Sel sealing joint fitted at factory eliminates cement / mortar and greatly speeds laying. Flexibility of joint safeguards the pipeline against ground subsidence.

“A pipe dream come true”

Hepseal – for sewers

Hepline – for road drainage

Hepduct – for conduit


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