Adams Pict Firebrick Co Ltd, Scotswood on Tyne, Newcastle

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****I have added the Scottish tag here as although the bricks themselves were manufactured in Northumbria, the clay was mined in Scotland****

During the First World War, (c1916) Adamsez Ltd, sanitary ware manufacturers, of Scotswood, Newcastle, diversified into the manufacture of firebricks under the name, Scotswood Furnace Company. It was operated as a subsidiary to W C Gibson and Co Ltd. When G H Ramsay and Co were taken over by Adamsez Ltd in 1923, refractory brick manufacture was moved to their premises at Swalwell. The business was then separated from W C Gibson and Co Ltd and became Adams Pict Firebrick Co Ltd.



Link – Letters to Adamsez concerning the Company’s search for a new source of fireclay, and analyses of samples of Ayrshire aluminous clays
Minute of Agreement between Gavin Fullarton James of Kerelaw, Ayrshire and M J Adams on behalf of Adamsez Ltd, for a lease of the fireclay under the Kerelaw estate, for 25 years, including plan  DS/ADZ/47  24 May 1918

ADAM PICT FIRECLAY COMPANY – Border Quarry, Saltcoats – This company was based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  The quarry at Border Farm, Saltcoats worked a seam of bauxitic clays . c.1930 – c. 1960.

1938 – Adams Pict Firebrick Co Ltd, Scotswood on Tyne; Mine name – Pict (Fire clay); Situation – Saltcoats; Manager – George Newlands; 2 employees below ground and 2 above ground.


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